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Fleur de sel

Fleur de sel takes gourmet cooking to a delicious new level. It’s been called white gold, the caviar of salts and the seventh wonder of the gastronomic world. Fleur de sel, with its variety of flavours and colours, adds an extraordinary touch to all your creations—even your desserts!

Fleur de sel is the condiment of choice in the kitchen. It subtly seduces your taste buds by bringing out flavour in a celebration of refined taste.

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What is Fleur de Sel?

Fleur de sel is a rare, natural sea salt composed of small, flaky crystals with a moist texture that’s not like regular table salt. Harvested in September, paludiers or with flat, chestnut wood spades sweep the crystals from the surface of evaporating seawater. Fleur de sel is the purest of all salts. Its complex taste is less saline, mixing the delicate aroma of violets with a balance of minerals and flavour of the sea.

Surprising colours and flavours

Harvested in France and other areas of the world, fleur de sel comes in several different colours and flavours, such as pepper or violet and iodine or seaweed. Deliciously rich, black lava sea salt from Hawaii is used to enhance the taste of fish, and neutralizes toxins in the body. Sel rose Himalayan (Himalaya pink salt) comes from ancient seas that dried up more than 200 million years ago. Vanilla-flavoured fleur de sel from the Île de la Réunion makes scallops an irresistible delight.

A taste of originality

  • For a marvelously delicious summer meal, lightly sprinkle fleur de sel over thinly sliced ham, a meat or fish carpaccio, or even foie gras.
  • A pinch of fleur de sel on a veal or lamb shank brings out even more flavour from an already delicious dish.
  • Even on desserts, a light dusting of fleur de sel is a delight: on apple pie or over slices of melon with sherbet. Some chefs have even used it when creating chocolate desserts—the fleur de sel subtly extends the flavour.

Tips and tricks

  • Before you make coffee, add a pinch of table salt to the water and boost the flavour to its maximum.
  • Sprinkling fine salt on the exposed pulp of a cut lemon will preserve it for later use.
  • To whip cream more quickly, add a pinch of fine salt before beating.

Expert tip

Because it dissolves rather quickly, add fleur de sel at the end of cooking meats or other main dishes. It's a wonderful way to highlight the flavour.