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It's Spring Cleaning Time!

Spring cleaning is a yearly undertaking that signals the end of winter and reminds us that summer is near. While it remains a chore, there is a way to make the process more enjoyable. Here is a recipe for success.

Let The Fresh Air Inside

Open the windows wide and get rid of the accumulated dust in the house! To make the most of it:

  • Take the time to make a list of things to do in every room and to plan each task to be completed.
  • Why not clean as a family by delegating tasks to everyone? You'll get everything done more quickly and you could also have some fun! Make a playlist of your favourite music and get your groove on while you clean up.
  • Before you start the actual cleaning, go into all of the rooms and divide items into four categories: throw away, give away, stow away and recycle.
  • Always keep a garbage bag nearby to throw things away as you go.

Must-Have Supplies To Keep On Hand:

  • 3 large plastic containers, including one for recycling
  • Rubber gloves
  • All-purpose cleaner in a spray bottle for tough stains
  • Mop and bucket
  • Scrubbing cream
  • Rags for cleaning and dusting
  • Wood cleaner
  • White cotton rags or microfiber towels
  • Used toothbrush for tough spots
  • Vacuum cleaner with all its accessories and spare bags
  • Electric cord extension—stepladder
  • Rented carpet cleaning machine—if needed
  • Garbage bags

Earth-Friendly Clean Up!

  • Keep a designated bag for recyclable material.
  • Set aside toxic materials, light bulbs and re-usable objects and take them to the nearest Household Hazardous Waste Depot.
  • Discarded furniture? Give some charities a call and see if they can pick up some of your items.
  • Use organic cleaning products (vinegar, baking soda) or products that respect the environment.
  • Metro's Selection Eco products protect the planet at a competitive price! Eco-logo certified, rapidly biodegradable, non-toxic and with no artificial perfumes, Selection Eco products are easy on the planet while keeping your home impeccably clean. You will find biodegradable cleaning products for windows and bathrooms, dishes and laundry, as well as all-purpose cleaners.

Your Biodegradable Cleaning Starter Kit

These six natural products will clean your house from top to bottom.

  1. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)

  2. Borax

  3. Washing soda

  4. Essential oils

  5. White vinegar

  6. Vegetable-oil based liquid soap

Tips and advice

Bathtubs, ceramic tiles, sinks, toilets: Clean with a cream cleanser made of 1/4 cup of baking soda, 2 tbsp of borax and 2 tbsp of washing soda to which you add liquid soap until desired consistency is reached.


Pots and pans (except aluminum): Bring to a boil ½ cup of vinegar, a little water, 1 tsp of baking soda and 1 tsp of salt.


Windows and mirrors: Dilute 3 tbsp of vinegar in 2 cups of hot water.


Microwave oven: Heat some water in a cup. The vapour will dislodge any residue.


Laundry bleach: Select whitening agents with a liquid hydrogen peroxide base.

Expert Tip

Clogged drains: Pour ¼ cup of sodium bicarbonate and then ¼ cup of vinegar into the sink. Let rest 15 minutes and then pour in boiling water. This eliminates the presence of dangerous products (for example, liquids to unblock toilet) in your house.



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