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10 economical food items

In these difficult times, it's normal that bargain-hunting is gaining favour. Metro has put together a list of 10 economical and deliciously versatile food items you can use. Get the maximum out of your grocery budget and cook up comforting meals you never knew could provide so much flavour.


The potato is the ideal all-purpose vegetable; it can be prepared in a thousand ways: au gratin, in stews, soups, croquettes, fricassees, quiches, shepherd's pie, salads? And if you think it will make you fat, think again! It is not the potato; it's the butter and the cream you put on it that adds on the calories.


Rice, couscous and barley

Whether you're a weekend athlete or a top-level champion, enjoying a healthy diet with plenty of variety is one of the best ways to ensure optimum physical performance. Load up on to increase energy-producing muscle glycogen stores.



Pasta can help you with both. Cheap, nutritious and versatile, the endless variety of pasta can revive jaded palates!



If always welcome, chicken also assumes many guises!



Low-cost legumes are truly a nutritional goldmine. First, they are low in fat (with the exception of peanuts) and, like all plants, contain no cholesterol. They are also a very high source of soluble food fibre.



Low in calories but rich in moisture, apples are a versatile health food that can be enjoyed at any time and in various guises.


Canned tuna and fish

Nutritious and great tasting tuna is always an healthy choice and an excellent source of omega 3.



Eggs make a great breakfast, lunch or dinner. Eggs are as nutritious as they are tasty.



What probably began as a great way to conserve milk has evolved into what we now know to be a delicious and versatile family favourite that provides excellent nutritional value.


French roasts or tenderized beef

Beef is an excellent source of iron. The iron content in red meat is very easily absorbed by the body. Red meat is also rich of vitamins B3, B6 and B12, which respectively help produce energy, form red blood cells and maintain nerve cells.;



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