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A health-minded idea ! My Healthy Plate


The Metro Green Apple School Program aims to encourage students to adopt healthy eating habits by participating in a project that will help them eat more fruits and vegetables at school and at home.

Every year, Metro awards

1,000 grants of $1,000 each to schools in Quebec

to support projects that encourage students to eat more fruits and vegetables

Green Apple Program 


Promotion of the Green Apple Program


Featured Sweet Potatoe 
Our Registered Dietitians 


Our Registered Dietitians

You can use sweet potatoes in your dessert.
Find out more!

Our tip of the day

« This summer, create a sweet potato side dish! 3 ways to eat them: in a puree, baked, or cut into fries. »


Fun stuff to do with kids

To help them eat more fruits and vegetables!

Pour les curieux

For the curious

While grocery shopping with your child, pick out a fruit or vegetable to discover. Search online to learn more about it and how to cook it.

For the undecided

Integrate grated vegetables in your tomato sauce. Add cauliflower, carrots, turnips, or sweet potatoes to your mashed potatoes.

Pour les indécis
Pour les artistes

For the artistic

Let the kids prepare veggie trays or fruit salad bowls. Get them to make sculptures out of fruits or vegetables...they’ll want to taste their work of art.

For the ambitious

Get your child to search for recipes that include star fruits or vegetables with you, and then set up the menu for the week with them.

Pour les entrepreneurs
Green Apple

Program objectives

As a grocery retailer, Metro has always seen food as much more than just a source of nourishment. Because food is at the very heart of our activities, we are focusing our efforts on promoting healthy eating habits.

That’s why the most recent version of the Metro Green Apple School Program, which was launched in 2012, aims to encourage young Ontarians to develop healthy eating habits by taking part in completing a project proposed by their school that will have a positive impact on their home, school or community. Metro will award $500,000 in grants of $1,000 each to elementary schools and high schools in Ontario.

Discover the program

The first editions have already had a big impact. Hundreds of gardens, cooking workshops, cookbooks and food programs have been completed throughout the province.

 tomato plant
150 gardens

More than 150 gardens of all kinds

1200 workshops

More than 1,200 cooking and culinary discoveries workshops

300 books

Almost 300 recipe books have been put together

1000 hours

Thousands of hours spent having fun and learning

Healthy habits

The issue of health, and more specifically of obesity, is taking on a broader scope in Canada, with both adults and children. With the Green Apple School Program, Metro hopes to show young people that it’s simple, enjoyable and tasty to eat well, and to encourage them to develop healthy lifestyles as soon as possible, which will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The goal of the first three years of the program, launched in 2009, was to encourage the development of habits that respected the environment. It enabled thousands of children from across Quebec and Ontario to become involved in their schools and to make a difference in their community with respect to the environment. Over the first three editions of the program, more than $4,5 million was donated to elementary and high schools in Quebec and Ontario for "green" projects.

Realigning the mission towards acquiring healthy eating habits has enabled us to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate and source our merchandise, a commitment that stems from our corporate responsibility approach under the Strengthened Communities pillar.

Schoolboy with apple
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