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locally souced

Committed to Local

Meet our Local Producers

Get to know some of Ontario’s best products made right in your community.

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What’s in Season?

From produce to seafood to floral, find out what’s in season each month at Metro.

View Calendar

View Calendar

Savour the Season’s Local Harvest

From our backyard, to your kitchen—add fresh local fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products onto your plate.


Cook With Apples

See the Recipe

Shop locally sourced products online

Community events

Learn more about donation drives and other community events at your local Metro store and across Ontario.

See Our Events

See Our Events


We work with several organizations to bring high-quality local products into our stores, help Ontarians in need, and reduce food waste.

Local partners

Foodland Ontario logo

Foodland Ontario

We've teamed up with Foodland Ontario to make finding food close to home easier than ever. Simply look for the Foodland Ontario logo the next time you're in our produce section!

Ontario Beef logo

Ontario Beef

In proud support of our local beef producers, we offer a wide variety of ethically raised and Ontario grown beef.

Dairy Farmers of Ontario logo

Dairy Farmers of Ontario

In partnering with the Dairy Farmers of Ontario, we have extended our commitment to bringing quality milk, butter and other nutritious dairy products to each and every one of our stores.

made in Ontario logo

Made In Ontario

Our partnership with Ontario Made celebrate sthe very best our province has offer. By bringing a spotlight on Ontario manufactures, we can help grow the economy that feeds the services all Ontarians rely on, like schools, roads and healthcare.



Corporate Partners

Feed Ontario

Feed Ontario

Our collaborative efforts with Feed Ontario bring healthy and fresh foods into our local communities and into the hands of Ontarians in need.

Green Apple school Program

Green Apple School Program

Parents know that encouraging kids to eat healthily is never easy. With the Green Apple School Program, educators are offered grants to help teach Ontario students how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables and start them on the path to healthy eating in their early years!

One More Bite

One More Bite

Redirecting food that would otherwise have been thrown out or composted is now being donated to food banks across Ontario. With the help of Feed Ontario, unsold fresh products are saved, frozen and redistributed to those in need.

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