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Four Pillars of the Program

Covid-19 Updates for Our Customers. Learn More

Covid-19 Updates for Our Customers. Learn More

Metro has implemented a health program to address consumer concerns about healthy eating and wellness. Featuring a number of simple and fun initiatives based on strict nutritional criteria established by Metro’s Registered Dietitians, the program focuses on motivating consumers to improve their eating habits.

Metro’s four key health and wellness pillars:

1Improve our product range to promote healthy eating

Offer consumers more choices, both with our private brands and national brands.

  • We offer nearly 250 Irresistibles Life Smart products, with 250 more coming by the end of 2015. Free of trans fats and with no artificial flavours or colours, our low-fat, low-calorie, low-sodium Life Smart line of Irresistibles products are both economical and good for you.
  • Since 2011,we have introduced lower-sodium versions of almost 400 (200 this year alone) of our 4,500 private brand products. A condition to reduce sodium content is now part of the process for developing new products and improving existing products.
  • The program focuses on increasing the number of “good choice” products on the shelves for all product categories assessed by Metro. Metro’s Registered Dietitians established nutritional criteria for each product category. Thanks to this extensive undertaking, consumers are better equipped to evaluate the nutritional quality of what they buy by looking for the smiles on product price tags when they are at the shelf. Our objective is to offer more “good choice” products on our store shelves.

2Help our customers select healthy food products

We have implemented a user-friendly nutritional rating for better in-store choices.


Our aim was to make the shopping experience easier and help shoppers find healthier products. My healthy plate with Metro is a program that uses smiles to identify “good choice” products directly on the shelf price tags based on our nutritional criteria. These category-specific criteria were developed by Metro’s Registered Dietitians to help consumers make healthier choices more easily.


Consumers are given easy access to advice from Metro's Registered Dietitians.

We will also showcase hints and tips on healthy eating and nutrition on our store shelves and our website, and give consumers the option to contact a Metro registered dietitian online. Every month consumers can benefit from the advice of a registered dietitian, who will answer their questions on Metro’s Facebook page.


Fruits and vegetables are given pride of place.

We know it can be hard to eat enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, so we are rolling out a promotional campaign in the produce department and in our flyers. Consumers will be encouraged to discover and rediscover these products, with a focus on cooking pointers and health benefits, season by season, throughout the year.

3Provide access to healthy products at affordable prices

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive. Metro is looking to spread the good news to consumers through extensive promotion of accessible and affordable products.

  • Our flyers will promote “good choice” products and share healthy hints and tips.
  • We will give more space to fruits and vegetables in our flyers.
  • Discount coupons on certain “good choice” products will be offered to our Facebook fans several times a year.

4Promote healthy eating habits in the community

The objective of the Metro Green Apple School Program  is to encourage young people to adopt healthy eating habits by taking part in a project that will have a positive impact on their home, school or community environment. Metro and its stores invest $1.5 million every year by granting $1,000 grants to elementary and secondary schools in Quebec and Ontario.

My healthy plate with Metro is in keeping with the corporate responsibility policy implemented by Metro in 2010, under the Delighted Customers pillar of intervention.