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    Metro recommends Coconut

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    Coconut «tre leche» cake Other recipes

    Coconut «tre leche» cakeCoconut «tre leche» cake

    The perfect balance of flour, milk and fresh coconut make this dessert probably the richest, moistest and most delicious coconut cake you’ve ever eaten. The hardest part will be keeping your kids from going cuckoo for it!

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    Coconut in all its shapes and forms!

    Coconut milk and cream Coconut milk and cream

    Coconut milk has a fat content similar to cream with 15% m.f., while coconut cream is closer to 35% milk fat. They make a delicious substitute for milk products in soups, desserts and sauces. Their rich texture and flavour come out even more in Asian food, such as curry dishes.

    Dried coconut Dried coconut 

    We're all familiar with the sweet dried coconut flakes found in classic desserts like macaroons and Queen Elizabeth cake, but a crispy batter made with plain coconut flakes really enhances fish or shrimp. This unique tropical flavour will take your taste buds on a tour of the islands!

    Coconut oil Coconut oil

    Since coconut oil has a more neutral taste, it can be used instead of butter and vegetable oils when cooking and baking. It helps lower cholesterol levels and is said to improve skin blood circulation, memory and nervous system functioning.