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     Metro recommends Salmon

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    Salmon Remoulade Burgers Other recipes

    Salmon Remoulade BurgersSalmon Remoulade Burgers

    Do you want a change? Try this salmon patty with ginger and kale! This tender patty and its cool and crispy dressing will impress your guests.

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    Tips and tricks on salmon

    Salmon Salmon

    In the recent years, salmon has gained in popularity…and with good reason!

    • It’s an oily fish, high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
    • It's not any fattier than lean meat.
    • It's an excellent source of vitamin D.
    • Garnish your salads and sandwiches with leftover cooked salmon.


    Tips from the pros

    Bite into Summer’s Best Burgers!

    Who doesn't love to bite into a juicy, delicious burger? Although they are fast food
    inspired, homemade burgers can be a healthy option. When you pick your own
    ingredients, you can control how much fat and salt lands on your plate without
    compromising taste. Fat, salt, and extra calories are usually hidden in the
    garnishes, for example mayonnaise-based sauces or fried onions. Replace
    the unhealthy garnishes with fresh toppings to cut the extra calories and make
    your burger fresher and healthier. 

        Linda Montpetit,
    Metro nutritionist