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Cheese & Crackers

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Cheese and crackers

Creamy meets crispy. With so many great options, there is a delicious cheese and cracker combination for everyone!

Fast & Fantastic

Fava Bean - Pine Nut - Parmesan Spread

Fava beans are the sumptuously creamy stars of this delicious dip. Rich with parmesan cheese and brightened with lemon, pair it with crisp whole-wheat crackers and homemade breadsticks.

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How to grate cheese quickly

To efficiently grate cheese in a hurry, use a microplane. You will end up with fine, lacy shreds of Parmesan, which will mix perfectly with the other ingredients in this spread.

Choosing crackers

Plain salted crackers are a safe choice for all cheeses. If you want to experiment with flavours, try to pair crackers with cheeses that have complementary flavours. For example, pungent, salty blue cheese would be better on a sweeter cracker. Crackers with strong flavours, such as chili pepper or rosemary, are better with milder cheeses. The basic rule is that big-tasting, complex cheeses pair well with simpler crackers and vice versa


Quick & Easy

Bruschetta Triscuits

These savoury nibbles, featuring a blend of mozzarella and cream cheeses, are ready in 10 minutes! Enjoy all the taste of Italian bruschetta with just a fraction of the preparation.

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How to store firm cheese


There is nothing worse than opening the refrigerator to find mold growing on your lovely cheddar. Wrapping cheese in plastic causes moisture to build up and that can cause spoiling. To preserve firm cheese, wrap it in wax or parchment paper and then place it in a partially sealed freezer bag. If you replace the paper each time you use the cheese, the cheese will stay fresh and mold-free longer.

Make a festive cheese plate

A delightful cheese plate is all about variety. Serve a selection of different textures of cheese with crackers and thin slices of toasted baguette. To start, select a firm cheese, such as a cheddar or jarlsberg. Next, pick a semi-soft cheese, such as brie or camembert. Add in a crumbly savoury blue and finally, round out the tray with a soft goat cheese. Be creative! It’s the perfect time to experiment with interesting choices.

Bake your cheese

For a fast and easy appetizer, trying baking some brie. Heat the oven to 350oF, and place a wheel of Brie on an oven-proof plate. Drizzle the brie with maple syrup or honey and sprinkle with toasted walnuts, pecans or cashews. You can also add some chopped fresh thyme. Bake the brie for about 10 minutes, or until it becomes soft and oozes slightly. Serve with your favourite crispy crackers and knives for spreading.

Cheese and nuts

Crackers and tomatoes

Whip up a savoury cheesecake

Cheesecakes don’t have to be sweet – a savoury version can be served as a first course or served with crackers as part of a buffet. Use cheeses such as ricotta, goat and/or cream cheese and add in flavours such as roasted red pepper or sundried tomatoes. On the top, spread some lively pesto and toasted pine nuts. Guests can serve themselves and spread some of the cheesecake on crackers.

Sweet toppings for cheese

Condiments such as port or ice wine jelly, red onion marmalade, and fresh honey are delicious accompaniments for your cheese tray. Serve in small dishes around the tray – don’t forget some spoons! A dash of sweetness on top of a salty cheese adds an exquisite layer of flavour.

Sweet toppings

Crispy topping

Use crackers as a crispy topping

Crackers don’t always need to go on the bottom. Crumble them up and sprinkle on top of mac’n cheese or scalloped potatoes. Drizzle with melted butter and bake until crisp and golden.