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Keep Your Community Safe by Returning Unused Medications to Our Pharmacy for Disposal

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Keep Your Community Safe. REUSE this bag to RETURN unused medication to our pharmacy for SAFE DISPOSAL.

Dispose of Medications Safely

Expired and unused medications left in your home, medicine cabinet or thrown in the trash, can end up in the wrong hands, posing a danger to everyone. These products can also be hazardous to pets, wildlife and the environment.

It is important to safely dispose of all medications, including prescriptions, non-prescription medications, natural or herbal products, vitamins and supplements. Opioids are a class of medications that are susceptible to diversion, abuse and addiction. Also known as narcotics, it is especially important to ensure safe disposal of these medications. This will help to keep you, your family and your community safe.

Metro Pharmacy’s Safe Medication Disposal Program

All Metro Pharmacy locations offer safe medication disposal for customers to discard all unwanted, expired and unused medications. Here is how the program works:

  • Collect all unused or expired medications from around your home. Ideally remove the medications from their original packaging and place in the paper bag provided by our pharmacy. Other medication dosage forms like creams, inhalers or liquids must be kept in their original packaging and can be placed directly into the paper bag. Make sure to remove your name or other identifying information from the drug packaging.
  • Do not put needles or other sharps into the paper bag. Sharps must be placed in an approved sharps container. An approved sharps container is designed as a sealed container in which you put used needles to prevent accidental contact. They can be obtained from any Metro Pharmacy at no cost.
  • Return the filled paper bag or approved sharps container to any Metro Pharmacy for disposal.

Your prescription bag can also be used for medication disposal. In the spirit of recycling, Metro Pharmacies are providing customers with paper prescription bags that now contain instructions to, ‘Keep Your Community Safe. REUSE this bag to RETURN unused medication to our pharmacy for SAFE DISPOSAL.’.

Find out more about Metro Pharmacy’s Safe Medication Disposal Program and how you can keep your community safe by contacting a Metro Pharmacy near you!

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Keep Your Community Safe. REUSE this bag to RETURN unused medication to our pharmacy for SAFE DISPOSAL