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All About Beer Glasses

Types of Beer Glasses

Beer Glasses

In general, lagers should be served in tall, narrower glasses to concentrate aromas at top, while ales are best served in open mouthed glasses to better appreciate the aromas.

Footed lager glass

Ideal for lighter tasting beers, the tall and narrow shape focuses aromas to the top of the glass. Since lagers should be consumed at colder temperatures, the "foot" keeps the drinker's hand away from the beer.

Lager glass

This glass is ideal for light beers. The slender and tapered glass concentrates the delicate aromas of lagers and also displays the beer's clarity.

Classic lager glass

This is a classic beer glass ideal for lighter beers including lagers and pilsners. The outward tapered body and narrow opening makes this a well-rounded glass to bring out the aromas and flavour of beer, particularly when consumed at a colder temperature.

Classic pilsner glass

Pilsners are a type of lager with slightly more bitterness and aroma. The narrow design of this glass focuses these aromas to the top of the glass, while the conical shape helps maintain the beer's head.

Stemmed lager glass

Ideal for more refined occasions, this glass offers unique sensory benefits. The tall, narrow and tapered shape of the bowl brings to focus the delicate aromas found in many lagers, while the stem keeps your hand from warming the beer.

Ale glass

The wide opening of this glass helps unfold the rich aromas of ales, and the narrow grip allows the hand to warm the beer and bring forward more complex flavours.

Pint glass

One of the most versatile beer glasses, this style is an example of what is used in an English pub. The shape allows aromas to rise to the top to greet the drinker, while the narrow bottom lets the beer be warmed up slightly by the drinker's hand.


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