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Here's to winter salads!

Covid-19 Updates for Our Customers. Learn More

Covid-19 Updates for Our Customers. Learn More

winter salads

This winter, let salads be a source of comfort food to help you face the cold temperatures. Seasonal vegetables, satisfying meats and legumes, warm vinaigrettes... Fill up on inspiration while you wait for spring!

Winter salads

  1. Add a protein

    Chicken • Salmon • Shrimp • Tofu • Tempeh • Legumes

  2. Toss in a touch of sunshine

    Citrus supreme • Pomegranate • Dried fruit • Kiwi • Berries • Figs

  3. Choose robust greens that can handle warm toppings

    Spinach • Leaf lettuce • Endives • Kale • Lamb's lettuce • Watercress

  4. Pick some seasonal vegetables

    Butternut squash • Sweet potato • Radish • White turnip • Leek • Cabbage

  5. Add a nourishing grain

    Orzo • Quinoa • Millet • Wild rice • Basmati rice • Corn

Winter salads

6Whip up a warm vinaigrette

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Honey
  • Mustard seeds
  • Roasted shallots
  • Bacon bits