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Soup's On

After a day in the snow, there’s nothing more comforting than coming home to some good, hot soup or chowder. It’s not too late to enjoy this wintertime classic! Here are some great tips and delicious inspiration to create a meal in a bowl!

Create a one-pot soup meal in 5 simple steps

  1. Season your broth

    Use broth that’s low in sodium and adjust the seasoning to your taste. Better yet, make your own broth using herbs, spices and aromatic vegetables like onions, leek, celery, and garlic. Just fry a little before adding water. You’ll get a soup with a lot of flavour and very little salt.

  2. Pick your veggies

    Make sure you add a generous selection of vegetables to your soup: carrots, spinach leaves, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and more. Why not set up a veggie bar so everyone can pick their own favourites? Just put a selection of pre-cooked vegetables on the table and give everyone a bowl of piping hot broth.

  3. Add your fibre

    Want to turn your soup into a nutritious and delicious meal in a bowl? Replace traditional white rice or noodles with whole grains like blanched barley or wild rice. You can even throw in some quinoa or oat bran instead of potatoes to thicken your soup.

  4. Choose your protein

    Want to change things up? Fresh soybeans and tofu are a fun way to liven up your soup.


    If your kids aren’t crazy about legumes, try throwing in some green lentils—which will be easily camouflaged in a green-vegetable soup. The big taste and firm texture of black beans also make a great addition to soups made with chopped vegetables. Here’s a tip: It’s better to cook lentils yourself than add them from a can, as they’ll stay firmer. No need to soak them first since they’ll cook right in the pot. Quick and simple!


    If you’re a meat lover, throw in any leftover chicken, beef or fish just before serving to avoid overcooking.

  5. Finish with some crunch

    Move beyond classic croutons and add some crunch to your soup with finely sliced radishes, pistachios, hazelnuts, or zucchini. Or make a spiced-nut crumble with cayenne pepper, smoked paprika and maple syrup. A delicious touch!

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