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Cooking with Parsnips

cook with parsnips

Root Vegetables – Parsnips

From soups to side dishes, this popular root vegetable is versatile, affordable and healthier than you may think.

Top 5 Ways to use parsnips more often



Steam parsnips alongside potatoes and mask them together for a unique twist on traditional mashed potatoes.


Oven-roasting parsnips in a drizzle of olive oil brings out their intense sweetness. Pair them with carrots for a colourful side dish.

3In soups and stews

Parsnips can be added alongside carrots to your favourite soups and stews. They add hearty depth and an earthy sweetness to dishes. Try your favourite stew recipe, but replace potatoes with parsnips.

4In salads

Parsnips are overlooked as a salad vegetable – but look no further for the perfect sweet addition to mixed greens.

5As fries

Julienne parsnips as you would potatoes. Sprinkle with herbs and olive oil, and bake them at 450°F for about 25 minutes, turning once.

A relative of the carrot, parsnips are an equally tasty root vegetable, without the bright orange hue

Mashed Parsnips with Chives

Mashed Parsnips with Chives

Once you try these, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this before. It’s like mashed potatoes…only better!

View full recipe

Mashed parsnips

You’ve probably tried mashed potatoes…but what about mashed parsnips? They blend perfectly with chives.

Cooked parsnips are better than raw

While you could eat a raw parsnip, they are almost always eaten cooked. If you do use them raw, choose smaller ones, which will be less tough and fibrous. Large parsnips have woody, bitter cores. They are best eaten when cooked lightly; roasting and steaming are ideal preparation methods.

Curried Cream of Parsnip and Carrot Soup

Pairing two root vegetables into one soup makes for a creamy, delicious blend of flavours.

See the full recipe

Curried Cream of Parsnip and Carrot Soup


Use parsnips to replace other root vegetables

Parsnips are great in stews, pot roasts, soups, or anywhere that you would use potatoes, carrots, or turnips. You can add parsnips to the above vegetables or use them as a substitute for the root vegetables in the recipe.

Sweet parsnips used to replace sugar!

In Europe, parsnips were used to sweeten jams and cakes before sugar was widely available. The unique sweet flavour of the parsnip comes when its starches change to sugar. This happens after the first frost, when the vegetable is still in the ground. That’s the advantage of being a root vegetable!

Parsnips contain potassium and folate

They may look a bit like pale carrots, but they actually contain much more heart-healthy potassium and folate than carrots. They are also a source of fibre and vitamin C.

Healthy bite

  • Try to eat one orange-coloured fruit or vegetables daily. Try carrots, sweet potato, cantaloupe or mango.
  • Calcium is important for strong bones, but it’s also essential for the proper functioning of our heart muscles.

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