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Quebec Cheeses to Discover

Local Cheeses to Try

These three delicious varieties make a great addition to any cheese plate

Quebec Cheeses to Discover

Our cheese expert invites you to discover three new artisanal cheeses.


Citadelle a goat's milk cheese with a soft centre and a harder rind. It will add some character to your cheese plate.


A delicious farmhouse cheese made from raw milk, it has a semi-firm centre and washed rind.

Icone horloge

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Verdict D’Alexina

This is a soft cheese with a ripe surface. It's a delicious mix of goat's (25%), sheep's (25%) and cow's (50%) milk. It's lovely!

Perfect Platter

Create the perfect cheese plate with a mix of hard and soft cheeses, nuts, cranberries or jelly for sweetness. Try Irresistibles Life Smart Nut and Cranberry Mix to pair with your cheese platter.

For more information on Quebec cheeses, check our Time for Quebec Cheese page.