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Cooking with Nutmeg


Nutmeg will add holiday punch to eggs, dairy, vegetables and so much more!

How to use it more often

With eggs and dairy

Nutmeg is delicious in eggnog, omellettes, French toast and bread pudding, or cream sauces such as béchamel

On pasta

Add a touch of freshly grated nutmeg to mac and cheese or penne with cream sauce

With vegetables

Before cooking, sprinkle it on cauliflower, Brussels sprouts or squash, and add a touch to cooked mashed potatoes

On meat and poultry

Nutmeg pairs very well with beef and chicken

With fruit

Sprinkle on cooked or raw apples, pears, peaches, mango or pineapple

In a drink

Into a smoothie, or add it to coffee, tea or cider

Try our nutmeg recipes

Quick & easy

Holiday Eggnog

Holiday Eggnog

Creamy and divine, this festive classic can be served in a punch bowl for easy entertaining. Or, serve drinks in individual small glasses and embellish with freshly grated nutmeg.

See the recipe for holiday eggnog.

Choose what kind of rum to use

Rum is available in light, amber and dark varieties and the question of which to use is dependent upon personal tastes. Light rum will not colour the drink as much, but dark rum gives a richer taste.

Add nutmeg

Whether you use freshly grated nutmeg or the pre-ground variety, sprinkling a bit of this heady spice onto homemade eggnog adds Christmas flavour. If you choose fresh nutmeg, use a microplane to grate the spice right over the eggnog in the punch bowl.

Modern twist

Layered Turnip and Carrot Soups

Layered Turnip and Carrot Soup

Update your appetizers with this incredible layered soup, cleverly served in shot glasses. With a flavour profile that includes nutmeg, coconut and pernod, this dish will be one you want to serve at sit down dinner parties as well!

See the recipe for layered turnip and carrot soup.

Serve soup as a creative appetizer

The dramatic impact of this beautiful soup makes it perfect for entertaining. To serve as an appetizer, layer small portions in clear shot glasses.

Use basil and nutmeg

If you can’t find purple basil, you can use sprigs of the green variety, or simply top your soups with a bit of freshly grated nutmeg.