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10 guaranteed brand-new freezing tips!

Try these 10 truly practical and surprising tips for freezing foods. Great ideas that add something new to your menu or help you avoid waste. You’ll wonder how you’ve managed without them!

1Always fresh garlic and ginger

Kept in the freezer, garlic and ginger stay fresh for a long time. Chopping them frozen is so easy!

2No more wasted tomato paste!

Leftover tomato paste often ends up in the garbage. Freeze it in a small container or plastic wrap and cut small rings whenever you need them.

3Tear-free onions

To cut onions without crying, simply put them in the freezer for about 10 minutes!

4Original bananas

To keep extra bananas, peel them, cut them in two, place them on Popsicle sticks and freeze. Kids will crave this sweet and nutritious snack.

5Grated cheese made easy

If the cheese is too soft—often the case with mozzarella—put it in the freezer for thirty minutes. Then it’s easy to grate!

6Healthy butter

To benefit from the recognized benefits of olive oil, fill a small bowl with this tasty oil and put it in the freezer. The resulting olive butter is delicious spread on grilled bread.

7Fresh herbs all the time

Keep fresh herbs handy for whenever you need them. Simply chop them, put them in freezer bags and they’ll keep for up to 12 months.

8Candy grapes

Kids love these refreshing candies. Freeze seedless green grapes, then cover them in honey, chocolate, maple butter or ice cream and enjoy!

9Save your cheeses!

Semi-soft and hard cheeses keep very well in the freezer. Don’t hesitate to grate a good piece to keep on hand. Very practical!

10Non-fat chicken legs

When chicken legs are half frozen, remove the skin like peeling a banana—it’s that easy!