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5 picnics lunches for active people

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When you head out for a day of healthy activities and sports, it only makes sense to bring along a good lunch. In addition to taste and nutrition, your homemade picnic can even offer a healthy helping of savings.

Here are some really simple tips to help you make a great tasting lunch. We suggest foods that are easy to carry, keep and consume. Use these tips to enjoy an outdoor picnic!

1You are what you drink

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! with bottles of water or 100% fruit juice. Freeze them beforehand if you are leaving your picnic lunch inside: They will keep the rest of your lunch cold all morning as they are defrosting.

An individual vegetable juice is an excellent source of vegetables and it's easy to carry. For the kids, bring regular or chocolate UHT milk. Now available in individual servings, they are really practical and won't spoil because they're sealed.

2Smart sandwich ideas

Bringing a lunch in your backpack? Choose breads that won't get crushed: Whole grain pita bread and tortillas are perfect. By packing them in bags you can avoid using plastic containers that you'll have to bring back home!

Planning to leave your lunch at the cottage or cabin until you return for lunch? Make your sandwiches in the morning using frozen bread and put them in plastic containers so they won't get crushed. Contrary to popular belief, the bread won't get soggy: It will still be fresh in time for lunch!

3Fruits, vegetables and dairy products to go

These vegetables are easy to carry and preserve: Carrot sticks, sliced peppers, cucumber slices and cauliflower or broccoli florets. Bring some cheese dip, tofu spread or hummus, and you've got a fantastic snack!

Choose fruit that won't get damaged in transit: Apples, clementines and oranges travel better than pears and bananas, for example. And don't forget about individual servings of canned fruit, preserves and dried fruit. Individual portions of cheese and yogurt drinks (Yop, for example) are perfect for picnics.

4Protein for energy

Nutritious and great tasting tuna is an excellent choice for skiing, skating and hiking. Sandwiches can be made ahead of time, but if you are in a hurry, bring your tuna and some individual mayonnaise packets and make your sandwich on site. You can even go for flavoured tuna: Pull the easy tab lid and it's ready to serve.

Nuts, hard-cooked eggs and legumes are other excellent protein sources that are easy to take with you. Turn them into a colourful and delicious salad!

5Hot and fortifying soups

For a slightly more elaborate lunch bag, don't forget about nutritious and revitalizing soups. Make them at home and bring a thermos with you. If you are pressed for time, Campbell's Sip-on-the-Go soups are a fantastic alternative—all you need is a microwave and you've got a hot and tasty lunch!