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Sweet or Savoury, Crêpes Are Sensational!

Brunch - crêpes 

Quick and easy to make, crêpes are incredibly versatile. Sweet or savoury, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and as first course, main course or dessert, crêpes are a hit with young and old alike.

Basic Crêpes

There are only four ingredients: all-purpose flour, salt, egg and milk (see basic recipe). But the variations on this theme are endless. Whole-wheat or buckwheat flour can be substituted for part or all of the all-purpose flour. Half the milk can be replaced with water for lighter crêpes. The batter can be flavoured with a little vanilla extract, cocoa, liqueur (brandy, rum), citrus zest, ground cinnamon, etc.

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Recipe Ideas

Easy to make, crêpes can be rolled up around countless succulent fillings. The following are just a few of the irresistibly tasty combinations possible:

  • Spinach, ricotta cheese and fresh grated Parmesan.
  • Smoked salmon, sour cream and fresh chives.
  • Shrimp, béchamel sauce, dill and Parmesan.
  • Pan-fried sliced apples, cinnamon and vanilla ice cream.
  • Fresh peaches and raspberries, fresh cream and maple syrup.
  • Banana, chocolate coulis and slivered almonds.