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Tasty Brunch Ideas

Tasty Brunch Ideas 


As its name suggests, brunch is neither breakfast nor lunch, but a combination of the two. It's perfect for people who like to sleep in but still want to enjoy a relaxed meal with friends or family.

A brunch must: eggs

Since brunch is the first meal of the day, the menu should include eggs in one shape or another-scrambled, an omelette or quiche (onion, mushroom or spinach). It should also include cereal, especially if some of the guests are children, various breads, croissants, sweet buns and muffins, preserves and compotes. Since brunch is enjoyed around midday, it also features pâtés and terrines, ham or a mixed grill, assorted salads, cheeses and desserts. Nothing could be simpler than brunch dishes.

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Vegetable Cheese Omelette

Expecting many guests? Think buffet style

Brunch for a crowd can be served buffet style with the table pushed against the wall or under the window, plates piled by type with forks and knives lined up beside them, and glasses and pitchers of fresh fruit juice at one end of the table. Coffee, tea and cups are set up somewhere else. Cold dishes, salads and assorted desserts are arranged around the ham or cake placed in the middle of the table. Hot dishes are brought out when ready.

Drinks on the menu


Even a buffet-style brunch is rather like an elaborate, late breakfast and the same rules apply. So the menu always includes fruit juice. As an alternative, blend assorted fruit (blueberries, raspberries, bananas) with milk, flavoured soy milk or eggnog during the festive season. If you want, you can add fruit juice, yogurt, or a few drops of liquor like rum.

However, flavourful cocktails can make good eye-openers, a lively start to a brunch during which coffee and tea will be served. Three that are particularly suitable are a bloody Mary (tomato juice with a shot of vodka), Campari and orange juice (one measure of Campari to six of juice) or a mimosa (orange juice with champagne or sparkling wine). After noon, light red, white or rosé wines are appropriate.

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Impress your guests

Finally, a brunch should always feature one dish that stands out from the others. Molasses baked beans with fatback fills the bill for some hosts. Others make sure that the menu includes some exotic, colourful or vegetarian dishes like puff pastry with fresh tofu and basil drizzled with soya sauce, to delight their guests. Another good standout is a stacked omelette cake made with various flavoured omelettes and can be served hot, warm or cold. Exotic mango-papaya fruit salad with lemon juice is a sure hit. And everybody loves spiced coffee. Prepare coffee as usual and flavour with a mix of mace, nutmeg, cardamom and juniper.

See the recipe for Exotic Fruit Salad.

Exotic Fruit Salad