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3 Ways to Liven Up Brunch

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3 Ways to Liven Up Brunch

Tired of the same old brunch? It’s always nice to try something new. Wow your guests with these 100% refreshing ideas!

Tip #1: Rethink Drinks

Coffee Station

Make serving coffee easier with a themed coffee station. Write your beverage list on a slate with chalk or offer a selection of alternatives to milk and sugar, such as rice, soy, or coconut milk along with honey, maple sugar, or cocoa powder. Guests can serve themselves! Add cinnamon sticks to flavour coffee, and milk foam that guests can add to taste.

Mimosa Bar

Mimosa bar. Brunch is the perfect opportunity to discover new cocktails made with sparkling wine and champagne. For added fun, stock a bar with all the necessities: mango juice, lime slices, white peach nectar, Prosecco, and more. Mimosas are easy to make: Pour the bubbly, add juice, and drop in some fresh fruit. You’re the mixologist!

Rethink Drinks: coffee

Try Something New: Smoothie in a Bowl

Tip #2: Try Something New

Morning maki

Want to surprise the little ones? Make some breakfast sushi! Cut a banana into slices, spread with peanut butter and roll in puffed rice. Serve with chopsticks!

Smoothies in a bowl

The latest craze? A smoothie you can eat instead of drink! Start by making a smoothie that’s thicker than usual by blending a portion of fruit with a portion of liquid equal to half the fruit portion, and add a frozen banana. You can also up the protein count with nut butter, chia seeds, or even a handful of greens like kale or spinach. Serve your smoothies in bowls and sprinkle with nice crunchy toppings like granola, sliced fresh fruit, nuts, coconut, or chunks of dark chocolate. Simply divine!

Breakfast tapas

Bite-sized breakfasts are in! Need some inspiration? Pour pancake mix into mini muffin cups, add your choice of toppings (blueberries, chocolate chips, cranberries, etc.), and bake. Then serve your mini pancakes on skewers with pieces of fruit! You can also add beaten eggs to ramekins. Guests can personalize their tapas by adding veggies, cheese, and herbs.

Cocktail hour

Thinking of hosting a cocktail brunch where guests will be standing? Try recipes that won’t require utensils. Here’s an idea: Pour maple syrup into a glass, then attach a hot waffle to the rim. It’s the perfect way to dip mess-free!

Tip #3: Add a Special Touch

A marvelous menu

Even the simplest breakfast dishes can be turned into gourmet recipes! Try topping slices of artisanal bread with avocado, cheese, and a poached egg. It’s a great way to make toast more appealing! Pressed for time? Make a casserole the night before by adding your favourites to your egg mixture—spicy sausage, peppers, jalapeños, onion, olives, corn, etc.

A New York bagel party

Serve fresh-baked bagels with three or four kinds of hummus, cream cheese, avocado and tomato slices, onion, lettuce, and capers. Now you’ve got all the ingredients to make delectable breakfast sandwiches!

Spice bar

A little or a lot—spice is all a matter of taste. Introduce guests to hot peppers and spices from around the world with a special spice bar. That way, everyone can choose their level of comfort—from guests who prefer milder tastes to those who like it hot!

Add a Special Touch: bagel party with avocado