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Catch Variety and Quality with Fish!


Salmon tournedos with artichokes, cod fillets with vegetables, trout baked with mushrooms and cheese... While you’re hard at work every day, our Metro fish experts are busy creating ready-to-cook fresh fish delights that you can make in a flash when you get home.

With fish, varying your menus to enjoy a world of flavours is easy.

Pêcherie Atlantique is a division of Metro that is the biggest fish and seafood distributor in Quebec. Our experts there search the seven seas to bring you an amazing assortment of really fresh, top quality fish day in and day out.

Delicious and good for you:

Tender and tasty, fast and easy to prepare in any number of ways, fish are also incredibly good for you! Fish fat is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, well known for their proven health benefits—they reduce the risk of blood clots and help prevent heart disease. Fish also deliver high quality protein and significant quantities of vitamins A and B and essential minerals.

Tips and advice:

As part of an everyday meal or the centerpiece of a grand dinner, fish is proof positive that eating healthy and eating well can go hand in hand. So consult the fish experts at your Metro store for great tips and ideas.

For more information, check out our Web site or ask the store for a copy of our latest booklet on fish.

Looking for New Ways to Cook Fish?

Click here to discover these delicious recipes (and many more!) featuring fresh fish.

  • Quebec-style Bouillabaisse
  • Sole frittata
  • Walleye fillets on a bed of tomatoes and fennel
  • Monkfish with Avocado
  • Tuna steaks with black olives and sesame seeds
  • Grilled sea bar with a leek and scallion sauce

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Catch these delicious recipes for fish