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Favourite Fish Revisited

Hot or cold, enjoy pollock in a number of delicious ways.

Serving cold

  • Whole, it makes a quickly prepared snack or lunch with various dips (cocktail sauce or spiced mayonnaise).
  • Wrapped in a tortilla or pita bread, or served in sushi rolls (pollock sticks wrapped in seaweed with rice, combined with other garnishes), it becomes a meal.
  • Sliced in rounds, pollock sticks are great in salads (pasta or lettuce) or served on crackers. Cut them into chunks to make original kabobs with various fruit (apples, pineapples, kiwis, mangoes, citrus fruits, etc.).

Serving hot

  • Pollock is versatile and can be cut up and prepared like fritters (coated in batter and cooked for a few minutes in a deep fryer), coated in tempura batter and cooked for a few minutes in a deep fryer or be added to turnovers (wrapped in puff pastry and cooked in the oven).
  • Garnish pollock with a variety of sauces (plum sauce, cherry sauce, soya sauce and ginger sauce, pesto, etc.).
  • Cut in rounds and accompanied with a béchamel sauce, pollock will transform your traditional pizza into a real delight from the sea.
  • In rounds or chunks, pollock goes well in pastas, soups, bisques, paella, omelets, quiches or even in Chinese fondue.


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