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Eating vegetarian

Discover our recipe and our tips to cook vegetarian

manger végé 


Veggie burger

Looking to serve up the best burgers in town? Start by crumbling tofu or coarsely mashing drained legumes, such as lentils or black beans. Season with your favourite herbs and spices, and bind the mix with oats, an egg or mashed potatoes. This will give you a full dose of protein, fibre and flavour!

Eating vegetarian 

Eating vegetarian


Want to eat less meat? Tofu, which is an excellent source of low-fat protein, is a perfect meat alternative! A 150-gram serving of tofu provides more protein than two whole eggs. Tofu can even be a significant source of calcium. Check the list of ingredients and nutrition facts table!

Eating vegetarian 

Eating vegetarian

How to prepare tofu?

Tofu is made with soy milk and comes in many textures to meet your various needs. Soft or silken tofu is the perfect choice for desserts and smoothies. Firm or extra-firm tofu is an indispensable ingredient in stir-fries, kebabs and deep-fried dishes. Here’s a tip: firm tofu can be frozen directly in its unopened package. Once thawed, it will have an even spongier texture and absorb marinade that much better!