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Texas Sweet Grapefruit

Texas Grapefruit

Texas grapefruit is so sweet because of its red colour; the redder the grapefruit is, the sweeter it is. This grapefruit gets its colour from where it is grown: on the southernmost tip of Texas, right on the Mexican border, in an area known as the Rio Grande Valley. The climate there is perfect for growing citrus. The days are filled with sunshine, with warm tropical breezes at night. The mild winters provide the right amount of cool air to boost the colour at just the right time. Texas citrus is tree-ripened and handpicked, assuring a superior quality fruit at all times.


Today, we grow approximately 28,000 acres of citrus. Seventy per cent of all citrus grown in Texas is grapefruit; oranges make up the other 30 per cent. The majority of Texas-grown grapefruit is a variety called the Rio Star. This grapefruit is seven to 10 times redder than the ruby red grapefruit.

Nutritional Information

Texas grapefruits have no fat, sodium or cholesterol. They are an excellent source of Vitamin C, and a good source of Vitamin A and dietary fibre. Half a medium grapefruit is only 60 calories, while a whole orange is 70 calories.

Expert tip

When purchasing grapefruit, look for one that is heavy for its size. The heavier it is, the juicier it is.


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