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6 Tips for a Burger that Tastes like Summertime

Picnic & barbecue

Celebrate summer with burgers on the BBQ—and enjoy every delicious bite! They’re so easy to make, and can be adjusted to everyone’s taste. Go from “Mmm… tasty” to “Oh my goodness, what’s your secret” by picking the right bread, delicious condiments, interesting cheeses, and colourful veggies. Here are some ideas to tempt the taste buds of your special guests!

  1. Bread—Any Way

    Choosing the right bread is an important part of building the best burger. Be sure to try a little variety! Think ciabatta bread, cheese bread, tortillas, or even brioche. Need something gluten-free? Put your patty between two leaves of Boston or Iceberg lettuce.

  2. Spread the Love... of Condiments

    Pour your condiments on thick for a burger full of flavour! Add a mix of fresh herbs or pesto to your mayonnaise. Or if you prefer something spicy, add a squeeze of Sriracha and some chopped coriander. For an Indian touch, you can also mix in some curry and lime juice. Get creative—just be sure not to mix too many flavours together.

  3. Get the Grill Going

    Make full use of your BBQ by grilling up some tasty vegetables. Just brush some oil on mushrooms, red peppers, and onions and season with salt and pepper.

  4. Spice It Up

    Don’t be afraid of adding flavour to your meats with a savoury mix of spices. Try a Cajun mix, steak spices, Greek spices, Worcestershire sauce, or even hot sauce. Your spicy surprises are sure to make for some happy guests!

  5. The Main Attraction

    Beef is usually the main ingredient in burgers, but almost any meat makes a great patty. Why not try ground pork or veal? Or, for a healthy dose of Omega 3, go for salmon. If you want to lower your consumption of red meat, use chicken breasts. Or opt for veggie burgers with tofu or legume patties and serve with grilled Portobello mushrooms.

  6. Cheese—The 8th Wonder of the World

    Everything tastes better topped with melted cheese. Add variety by using brie, old cheddar, goat’s cheese, Jarlsberg, or blue cheese.

Add flavour to meats and tofu by marinating them a few hours before grilling. Cheese blends well with ground beef, herbs with pork, and capers with salmon burgers. A guaranteed explosion of flavour!









Minced onion, crumbled bacon, sesame seeds, cayenneGrilled bacon, fried mushrooms, picklesMayonnaise, horseradish, chili sauceSliced cheddar


Honey, fennel seeds, ground cumin,barbecue spicesColeslaw, watercress, marinated eggplant slicesMustard, BBQ sauce, pestoSliced suisse*


Oregano, dill, rosemary, garlic, capers, minced hot peppersGrilled onions, roasted sweet peppers, mint leavesTahini, yogurt sauce, tapenadeFeta, sliced havarti


Coriander, minced peppers, garlicSliced tomatoes, yellow onionsSalsa, spicy mayonnaiseSliced mozzarella


Garlic, grated lemon rind, tarragon,dill, carpersArugula, alfalfa sprouts, scallions, sliced olivesTartar sauce, minced sun-dried tomatoes, seafood sauceParmesan, sliced provolone


Garlic, chopped scallions, mincedSweet red peppers, grated zucchinis, dry mustardSliced avocado, baby spinach, homemade ketchupSliced jalapeño, havarti

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