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Best of Summer

Summer Funr


A gazpacho is a vegetable soup served cold, ideally during the summer. It is generally prepared from tomatoes, but there are many variations of this soup for every taste.


How to Make Gazpacho

Prepare this cold soup to cool down this summer!


Get inspired to celebrate summer


Work Up an Appetite

Before you tie into the fabulous lunch you packed, stretch your legs and enjoy the fresh air:

  • Take along a Frisbee or baseball. A game of catch is a fun start to a memorable meal.
  • Bring some tunes…and dance! As long as you’re not set up too close to others, don’t be afraid to turn up the music and bust a move
  • Try some yoga – if the outing just involves you and a friend, breathe, relax and stretch your way to a perfect summer day

Make Road-Worthy Smoothies

These cool, creamy drinks make great companions for the quiet interludes on the journey.

Whip up custom smoothies for the trip and store them over ice in your cooler. Make each traveler his or her own custom beverage, based on preferences, and surprise everyone with personalized thirst quenchers. Use fresh fruit, yogurt, juice, tea and even coffee in your combinations, and serve smoothies in clear plastic Sippy cups.


Fun in the Sun!

Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood for lying around all day. Here are some ideas for being more active and engaging the kids:

  • Gather shells – explore nooks and crannies and find take-home treasures and interesting critters to observe.
  • Fly a kite – the beach is always breezy and there is usually nothing around to get a kite stuck on.
  • Take photos – channel your inner artist. Write messages in the sand and take pictures of them to remember the day. Or bring a along an empty, painted frame and stick a corner in the sand to make it stand upright. Stage the children or other subjects of interest at a distance and position your shot. The kids can try playing photographer too!
  • Make a tent – bring along a towel and some string and have the little ones forage for sticks and other tent-making materials.
  • Write poetry – if you want to relax and express yourself, shut your eyes, free your mind and let words pop into your thoughts at random. Begin to write. And repeat.

Summer Holiday Challenge

After you’ve had your delicious summer feast it’s time to get active! Challenge your friends and family to some friendly competition. Try these fun, team inspired challenges:

  • Potato Sack Race – Each participant runs to the sack, puts both feet in and begins hopping toward the finish line.
  • Capture the Flag – Get six people or more to play the game. The goal is to find the opposing team’s flag and get it to your side of the playing area without being tagged.
  • Water Balloon Toss – This game challenges each player’s ability to throw and catch a fragile water balloon across a long distance without breaking it.
  • Three Legged Race – Two people run together with one person’s left leg tied to the other person’s right leg and they try to finish the race without falling.

Make it Fun!

Make snack time fun and healthy!

Pull out a pair of dice and have everyone take turns rolling to see how many veggies they need to eat on each turn…the first one to finish their veggies wins!

Treat the winner to an extra special treat at the end. Snack time stickers, hand made ribbons and balloons are always a hit.

A Splash of Colour

Add a colourful twist to your hummus by adding beet juice to your bowl, the dip will turn purple and the kids will forget that they are eating a healthy snack!



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