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Summer skewers with an unexpected twist

Summer skewers with an unexpected twist

Skewers, brochettes or kebabs—no matter what you call them, these tasty treats are BBQ essentials. Create your own or buy them pre-made, either way, they cook quickly on the grill. Here are a few original ideas that will please everyone in your crowd.

Les marinades sèches

Perfect chicken


The secret to tender, juicy chicken is the marinade. Pour the mix into a Ziploc-type bag and add cubed chicken. Let it sit while your cut the vegetables.


Try these combos


Marinated chicken cubes + lime wedges + red peppers


Chicken cubes + sliced Spanish onion + maple-chipotle BBQ sauce


Les marinades sèches

Exotic pork


Pork is the perfect ingredient for sweet-tasting recipes that break from the ordinary. Cut pork tenderloin into cubes and thread onto skewers with sweet fruit, such as fresh mango or pineapple. Last but not least, baste the brochettes with your favourite marinade before placing them on the grill.


Try these combos


Pork tenderloin cubes + pineapple + honey + lime juice + bold marinade


Pork sausages + broccoli flowers + red peppers + Spanish onion + balsamic vinegar


Les marinades sèches

Succulent seafood


Looking for something different? Metro’s fish department is teeming with healthy options for your next BBQ dinner. Don’t forget to adjust the flame level to get the best results. For example, very high heat will cook your scallops quickly and give them an appetizing colour.


Perfect pairings


Fresh salmon cubes + lemon + ginger + sesame oil


Scallops + blanched butternut squash + basil leaves + lemon juice


Les marinades sèches

Vibrant veggie


Tofu and cheese add protein to vegetarian brochettes, making them a nourishing option. Marinate tofu cubes to maximize flavour. And remember that some vegetables, such as potatoes or squash, need to be cooked in advance for best results.


Try these combos


Halloumi cheese cubes + watermelon cubes + mint leaves + honey + lemon juice


Tofu cubes + red pepper + zucchini + baby potatoes + fresh cilantro


Les marinades sèches

Sweet temptation


Get the kids involved in preparing their favourite part of the meal. Important: dessert brochettes don’t take long to cook. There’s fun to be had threading your favourite fruits and pieces of cake onto skewers and then arranging them on a plate. Serve with whipped cream and jam. For the grown-ups in your group, place skewers on the grill and douse with rum and maple syrup.


Try these combos


Angel food cake + bananas + strawberries + mangoes


Strawberries + shortcake


Les marinades sèches

Extra, extra!


Why not make the whole meal on the BBQ by grilling your side dishes too? Almost any kind of vegetable will bring out the best in your meals. For extra kick, try marinating your veggies in red wine, olive oil, thyme and garlic. Chef’s tip: Grill a lemon on high heat and then squeeze the juice on your brochettes. The flavour is unforgettable!


Try these combos


Zucchini + eggplant + Spanish onion + red pepper + cherry tomatoes


Brussels sprouts + parmesan



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