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8 Delicious Campfire Recipes

Ahhh, the simple pleasure of a campfire! Why not make the most of the experience by cooking some tasty dishes over the fiery flames or glowing embers? Here are eight easy recipes that your family and friends will love.


Get the day off to a good start with these flavourful recipes. Easy yet oh-so-tasty, you won’t want to pass any of them up!

Chef’s tip

Should aluminum foil be used with the shiny side in or out? It makes no difference and has no effect on how the food cooks.


Baked brie and warm dip have become classics in many kitchens, but have you ever tried making these savoury snacks over a campfire? Try it and impress your fellow campers!

Chef’s tip

To effectively control the heat emanating from the embers, stir them frequently. This will ensure uniform heat throughout the cooking process.


Do you love pizza and pasta? These smokey recipes are quick to prepare and sure to put a smile on faces young and old.

Chef’s tip

If you want to check whether your lasagna skillet is high enough over the embers, place your hand over them and see how long you can tolerate the heat (but be careful not to burn yourself!). 1 to 3 seconds (very hot), 5 to 10 seconds (medium), 20 to 30 seconds (low heat).


These campfire versions of traditional apple pie or brownies are so good, they’ll replace s’mores as the leading camping dessert.

Chef’s tip

For thorough cooking, make a 12-inch hole in the middle of the embers and place the dessert packets inside.