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Lobster Appeal

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Lobster Appeal

In May, lobster makes a comeback onto the plates of its biggest fans. Much loved for its delicate and flavourful meat, this noble crustacean can transform a simple meal into a real feast.


How to remove lobster meat

Discover how to remove lobster meat with simple steps! Enjoy!


Make a lobster meal quickly and easily with these tips.

Choose the right lobster

Buy live lobster, ideally the day of your meal. To get the best quality possible, choose the liveliest and heaviest ones for their size. Judge the quantity you need

Judge the quantity you need

To calculate the portions, you should note that a 450 g (1 lb) lobster yields about 150 to 225 g (1/3 to 1/2 lb) of meat, which is a medium-sized portion, and still a sizeable amount when you have lots of side dishes.

How to best store them

Keep live lobsters in the fridge wrapped in wet towels until you're ready to cook them. Stored like this, they'll stay alive up to 12 hours.

Cooked to perfection

Lobster should be cooked quickly to prevent the meat from becoming tough and chewy. Plan on about 8 to 10 minutes per 1-pound (450 g) lobster.

A meal that’s fun... but also well-organized!


Ensure the meal is a success by having enough tongs and two-pronged forks. Also place a bowl on the table for guests to put their empty shells into.


Be a 5-star host by laying out large, ringed cloth napkins. You can also put out warm water bowls with lemon and mint leaves for guests to wash their fingers. The ultimate in chic!

Cooking lobster - Simple and delicious side dishes

Simple and delicious side dishes


This fine-fleshed shellfish needs very little to be enjoyed. Lay out a lovely but simple spread of accompaniments on your buffet table. Guests can then choose what they like best.


Other than traditional rice, you could serve couscous, spinach pasta or even quinoa. Once ready, keep them hot and serve when the lobster is ready. An assortment of grilled veggies on the BBQ will bring the whole feast together.


Sauces, butters and traditional mayonnaise can be adapted in many different ways. Hollandaise sauce, sabayon, lemon butter, cocktail sauce, Andalusian mayonnaise... the possibilities are endless!

Supple wines... with a bit of character


The final touch? Serve lobster with sumptuous white wines that will respect the delicate nature of the meat.


Lemon juice goes well with an acidic, dry, vibrant white wine.


Lobster that is grilled or cooked in a (stock accompanied by mayonnaise pairs well with a supple, medium fruity, but full-bodied white wine.


Prepared in a cream sauce, lobster goes beautifully with a dry, sweet wine that’s robust yet fine and delicate. A slightly woody, creamy vintage will also pair perfectly with the delicate meat. Cheers!