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Prepare a Sports-Themed Meal!

Superbowl eats

Score points with your Superbowl guests with these fan favourite recipes: ​mini stuffed footballs, onion rings, game-time dip and many more.

12 recipes for your next game day party

The Kick-off that Beats Hunger Pangs


Serve vegetable sticks or chunks of fruit with dips, salsa (mild, medium or hot) and various pestos. Humus and guacamole also makes an excellent choice. Fruit go well with sweetened yoghurt, cream cheese or whipped cream dips.


Create an original and attractive plate of Irresistibles kettle cooked potato chips. Together with popcorn and assorted nuts, you'll be thanked by fans who like their snacks a bit salty.


A ring of shelled shrimp and cocktail sauce is another sure way to please your guests. A plate garnished with different flavours of Selection mousse (crab and pepper, shrimp and vegetables, lobster and dried tomatoes and smoked salmon and spinach) spread on various chips, pita bread or corn chips (plain, barbecue, cheese or pizza) will compliment your shell fish perfectly.


Depending on your guests' tastes, you might also offer a platter of cheeses, ranging from hard (Gouda, Oka, cheddar), to soft (Camembert, Brie) and a fine herb cheese, attractively presented with some salted crackers.

Score Points with Sandwiches

Sandwiches prepared ahead of time with a variety of sliced breads and garnishes are a classic. Some sensational recipe ideas!

Winning Dishes for Real Fans

House brands pizzas 
House brands pizzas
Selection and Irresistibles pizzas for every taste rising crust pizza or woodburning oven pizza style, cook quickly and are easy to serve. That will leave still more time for cheers and applause!
Ribs, chicken, nachos, chilli, fajitas, burgers… need a little sauce with that? Discover our variety of sauces and seasonings that will liven up any meal!
Chicken wings 
Chicken wings
Selection chicken wings are merited for being oh, so practical. If you don't want to miss any of the action during the game, cook them at "half-time."