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From breakfast to dinner

What to cook with the kids?

Your children are the chefs!

Simple and tasty recipes to make with children

Are your children bored or looking for something to do? Involve them in meal and snack preparation with our tips and recipes.

  • Teach them the basics

    Awaken their interest in food and new flavours in the same way you might read them a story!
    Then teach them a few health and safety principles: food safety, hand washing, knife and stove use under parental control.
  • Give them suitable tasks

    When cooking, remember that a child does not have the same dexterity and ability to concentrate as an adult.
    To get started, choose simple recipes where all you have to do is put the ingredients together. Baking is perfect for beginners! You can increase the level of difficulty later on.
  • Be patient and flexible, and have fun!

    The goal is to create little moments of happiness, not to turn your children into sous-chefs.
    Let them get dirty, get excited about the activity, take their time, and try out improbable food combinations. The only rule to follow: no food wastage.

Cookie recipes to make with the kids

Baking cookies is probably the easiest way to get your family into the kitchen!
For even more fun, make shapes with cookie cutters or decorate the cookies with the icing of your choice.

Budding cooks: Recipes for mastering the basics

Your apprentice cooks might surprise you. Show them how to prepare some of these classics.
With a little practice, they'll gain the skills to adapt the recipes to their tastes, and maybe even create new ones!

Family brunch: Get the kids involved

Put on your aprons and take out the flour, eggs, and milk. Now you’ve got all the ingredients for a good time in the kitchen with the family. The best part is yet to come : the tasting!

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Covid-19 Updates for Our Customers. Learn More