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6 organic and natural must-have products for your pantry

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Eating better takes on a different meaning depending on whether you want to adopt a diet that focuses heavily on organic, local, vegan, or gluten-free foods. No matter what you choose, your Metro store's shelves are full of healthy and affordable products. Here are 6 must-haves that won't compromise on taste!

1Irresistibles Life Smart chicken, beef, or vegetable broth

Ready to serve, Irresistibles Life Smart’s selection of broths enhance soups, sauces, meats, and fish. Each of their ingredients are certified organic by renowned organizations and they do not contain any artificial colours or flavours. 

Grilled chicken winter bowl  

2Organics whole grain quinoa

Irresistibles Organics' whole grain quinoa is packed with protein. With its distinct texture, it's a perfect complement to numerous recipes such as salads and gratins dishes, or as a side to meat or poultry. It's a healthy, organic food that earned its place in your pantry!  

Quinoa and aged cheddar quinoa  

3Organics virgin coconut oil

Irresistibles Organics' cold-pressed coconut oil is a carb-free, delicious alternative to cooking butter. Because of it's richness in fatty acids, it's also recognized for its benefits in skin care or as a hair conditioner. 

Banana ice cream with its magical chocolate shell  

4Naturalia peanut butter

Made with a single ingredient, peanuts, Naturalia's peanut butter will allow you to rediscover the authentic taste of this breakfast staple. Just like all Irresistibles Naturalia products, it contains no artificial colouring or flavours, preservatives, antibiotics, or added sugar: only quality and easy-to-understand ingredients! It's perfect for breakfast and any other time of the day to enhance your recipes and make them creamier.  

African squash and peanut butter soup  

5Naturalia grain-fed chicken

Irresitibles Naturalia's chicken comes from La Ferme des Voltigeurs, a place where animals are raised in ethical conditions. They roam free and are fed with a 100% vegetarian diet. The farm's air-chilled chicken, as opposed to water-chilled, means the meat keeps its size and shape and doesn't "melt" during cooking!  

Sautéed almond butter chicken  

6Organics chickpeas

Irresistibles Organics' chickpeas are harvested using environmentally-friendly methods that are certified by renowned organizations. Packed with protein, fibre, and iron, they're a healthy choice that will fill you up without any artificial colouring or flavours.  

Roasted chickpea and broccoli salad