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Tips and tricks for your

Christmas cocktails and mocktails


Classy cocktail recipes to celebrate the end of the year

Try our recipes for mocktails and cocktails made with sparkling wine, hard liquor, beer, or wine.

Mocktails: a delight for your taste buds… and liver!

Sparkling cocktails that will dazzle guests

Christmas bar: cocktails using the 5 base spirits

Christmas at the cottage: cocktails to sip by the fire

Christmas beer: ideas for surprising sparkling cocktails

Astonishing white and red wine cocktails

Recipe ideas for vodka lovers


During the holidays, instead of beer or red wine, prepare cocktails you can enjoy at happy hour or with dessert!

  • Use fresh products and high-quality spirits

    Premium rums or bitters that you’ve just purchased won’t taste the same as an old rum from your previous birthday or herbs that have been kept in the fridge for several days.
  • Plan ahead

    Make sure you have ice cubes at least 24 hours before your event. And for refreshing beverages, put your glasses in the fridge half an hour before serving.
  • Simplify your task

    Your grocery store has a wide selection of cocktail mixes. Try them!

Find everything you need for your holiday meals

and shop for groceries from the comfort of your couch next to your Christmas tree!

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Don’t miss the specials

of the week and save on your favourite products for the holiday season!

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