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Impress your guests with

a gourmet Christmas dinner

because a whole lot of Christmas happens in your plate

Tips for a menu that you'll love from the first to the very last course

The best Christmas memories are often of time spent around the table. So delight your household with these delicious gourmet recipes perfect for recreating those precious moments. Add your personal touch for an unforgettable meal from the appetizers right through to dessert.

Cook up beef this Christmas

Serve a juicy Christmas turkey

Pork on your holiday menu

Duck for a gourmet holiday meal

Side dishes that go well with a gourmet dinner

A dairy and gluten-free gourmet holiday menu


Discover our tips to celebrate the season and our ideas for enjoying a gourmet meal during the holidays.

  • Act as your own caterer

    To avoid running around on the evening in question, plan every step ahead of time. That way, you won’t forget to decant your wine or get the cheese out of the fridge an hour before enjoying it.
  • Plan your menu

    A gourmet meal should go off without a hitch. We recommend preparing tried and tested recipes or ones you’ve mastered to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Get a head start

    If you’re planning to eat a specialty bread or a nice cut of meat as the main course, don’t forget to reserve everything ahead of time!

Find everything you need for your holiday meals

and shop for groceries from the comfort of your couch next to your Christmas tree!

Shop online

Don’t miss the specials

of the week and save on your favourite products for the holiday season!

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