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Camping and picnic recipes

All you need to plan your outdoor meals!


Because you can master cooking on the camping stove or fire!

  • Camp light en papillote

    Forget baking sheets, pots and pans, and opt for aluminum foil. In addition to being recyclable, it is light, versatile and easy to pack.
  • A sure-fire tip for campfire cooking

    Avoid open flames and control the heat of the embers by moving them around frequently. The heat will remain constant as your food cooks.
  • Ember-baked desserts

    Are s’mores getting old fast? Then pluck up your courage and dare to make cookies, brownies or berry turnovers baked in the campfire’s embers. To pull this off, make a hole around 12 in. (30 cm) in diameter in the centre of the embers and insert your dessert, wrapped in aluminum foil.

Get inspired with these great camping and picnic recipes

For an even more memorable meal, take a look at the recommended food and wine pairings for each of these recipes!

Camping recipes

Picnic recipes