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For a successful oyster feast

Add a touch of sophistication to your dinner!

Perfect for festive gatherings with family, friends, or a romantic dinner for two, an oyster feast only takes a few minutes of preparation!

Discover advice from our Metro experts

How many oysters should you get per person?

As an appetizer, about 6 to 9 oysters per guest. As a main course, 12 oysters if you are serving them with a side or 20 if you are not.

How to serve them?

Brush them well under cold water, without soaking them. Open and place them on a bed of crushed ice or a layer of coarse salt.

How to store them?

Keep them in the fridge in a non airtight container with their large shell-side down and cover them with a damp cloth. Only buy them a few days ahead of time and open them only at the last minute.


Get inspired by our recipes for preparing oysters

For an even more memorable meal, take a look at the recommended food and wine pairings for each of these recipes!

Raw Oysters

Cooked Oysters