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BBQ Master

The summer’s most popular way to cook!

Grilling is a popular summertime activity, and furthermore it adds a delicious smoky flavour to food.

Whether you like preparing beer can chicken or a juicy steak when having people over, grilled vegetables or merguez sausage hotdog while camping, a fillet of Canadian salmon en papillote or grilled haloumi at the cottage, barbecuing is simple, easy, and tasty. Try our ready-to-cook options available in-store and our new marinades for guaranteed success!

Discover all the flavours of the summer! 

Discover advice from our Metro experts

Become a grill master and improve your technique with these simple tips.

Get your grill ready

Make sure your grill is clean before you start cooking. That will prevent foods from sticking. Clean the grill with a brush and then oil it using a tissue soaked in oil. Light up the BBQ and add your meats and veggies once it reaches the ideal temperature.

Avoid flipping your meat too often

To make sure your meats and brochettes are as juicy as possible, avoid flipping them too often while cooking. Once should be enough!

Season your dish midway through cooking

If you use sauces or spices too early in the cooking process, the BBQ will dull their flavour. Wait until midway cooking before seasoning. Keep in mind this doesn’t apply to marinades!

Give your creativity free rein

Try grilling fruit for dessert! Caramelize some slices of pineapple and serve them with vanilla ice cream. You can also prepare s’mores without a campfire by grilling graham crackers, some chocolate, and a marshmallow on the grill. Heat it up and enjoy!

Get inspired by our summertime recipes

For an even more memorable meal, take a look at the recommended food and wine pairings for each of these recipes!

Tips for families!

A meal that’s perfect for every appetite

Having people over for dinner?

Buy brochettes and get different meats, vegetables, and marinades.

Cook them on the BBQ and serve with a side of grilled veggies or fresh salad and let everyone fill their plate how they like!



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