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Thanksgiving Menus: Classic and Vegetarian

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Thanksgiving Menus: Classic and Vegetarian

Make putting together a delectable Thanksgiving dinner easy this year by choosing one of these tried-and-true menu options guaranteed to impress family and friends.

Thanksgiving plan

Here are some essential tips for planning the big meal and pulling it off without a hitch.

  • Figure out your floor plan and what you will need, such as folding tables and chairs, glasses, plates and cutlery.
  • Plan your party menu: identify the dishes you can make ahead of time and freeze; establish your timetable for dish preparation; and make a list of items you already have on hand.
  • Reserve the turkey or any other meat you need from your butcher. Calculate 227g (1/2lb) of meat per person and provide for 2 more portions.
  • Make lists of all your ingredients, including fruits and vegetables, bakery items, selected cheeses, deli products and other charcuterie items.

Prep time

2 days ahead

  • Peel and cut vegetables, wrap and refrigerate

The night before

  • Prepare the salads without dressing
  • Prepare the vinaigrettes, dressings and dips
  • Set the table
  • Thaw frozen dishes in the refrigerator

The day of

  • Set breads, rusks, and crackers in baskets
  • Remove cheeses from refrigerator one hour before serving
  • Dress deli platters with accompanying condiments